Starter set FirstAid 24

First Aid 24 set includes:

Drawer insert:

- Colour: stone-grey. Available in other colours (in case of special arrangement).

LOCK&LOCK containers:

6 x 1 l (HSM3680)

8 x 800 ml (HSM3660)

10 x 550 ml (HSM3640)

24 x lids

Material of the containers: BPA-free polypropylene.

LOCK&LOCK containers attributes:

• 100% airtight and liquid proof containers guarantee a longer storage life to food products and an odor free fridge.

• The containers are allergen-free

• Containers with a closed lid are not fit for storing hot or carbonated liquids.

The containers can be:

•   Put in the freezer and fridge

•   Heated in the microwave with the lid hooks open

•   Washed in the dishwasher. Containers can withstand up to 120oC

The lid openers are patented, tested and guaranteed to last 3 000 000 cycles of opening and closing.

The FirstAid 24 drawer insert is compact and fits easily into your drawer, nonetheless the total volume of the set is 18 liters.